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It seems to me that all these operating systems have their advantages, i operate on Mac and Windows, and pretty soon Ubuntu... but i just want to know the peoples' opinion

Well, this is my first post...

2009-10-27 22:58:04 by tonyjeo

Well before anything, im just going to say that Egoraptor made his Newgrounds account on my birthday!

it's an honor to share a birthdate (well, the birth of his account) with a real soon to be internet legend and phenomenon.

other than that,


anyone of the major pros of this site or anyone skilled enough to give me some pointers on how to get started on flash and its basics, just contact me at

cheers, if i were to learn i would be capable of making some great things, im an OK artist, but have a uber creative mind filled with many ideas! and i have good Cubase, Cool Edit, and Garageband skills!

look at this lil drawing of... ME*! made with Photoshop CS3

*Note: Its Scales to fit NG parameters, but while you look at it gimme some opinions!

Cheers, HJ

Well, this is my first post...